It's you and your car vs. the Runway:

This is all about personal goals and seeing what you and your car can do and trying to better your best! Shortly after the event, you will receive your official speed certificate recognizing your fastest speed of the event! This is the safest way to find out how fast you and your car can go without the worries of costly tickets or a trip to jail.

We will publish your speeds and accomplishments on shortly after the event.

  • All Runs published in chronological order
  • Classification Placings by Top Speeds
  • Top Speed Records sorted by Fastest for the event
  • 200 MPH Club members
  • Many Recognitions such as Top Speed, Most improved and most runs for the event, (Which is usually Tom Fries in excess of 30 runs!)

Each Driver/Rider that reaches 200+ can will be awarded a 200 MPH Poker Chip. We also have 225, 240 and 250 MPH chips as well.

Official Speed:

For all, MPH is calculated by a speed trap located at the last 132 feet of each timed section which includes 1/2 mile, 1 mile and 1.5 mile distances. Timing equipment we use is the most accurate you will find. Times with redundant lasers, they are extremely accurate and recognized for world records in many organizations!

Display Boards and Announcements:

There are three display boards that show the official speed of each Runway Racing pass. The official speeds will be announced and posted on

Speed Slips:

A speed slip is printed after every pass down the course that shows the captured speed of each section of the course. Each participant will recieve their speed slip on the return road from a timing and tcoring representative.

Speed Certificates:

Speed Certicicates will be mailed out after the event. Once we receive the timing file from the official timer, we will print out your fastest certific and mail it to each of you as well as post the speed sheet on the website under the results page.

Recording of Speed for all Drivers/Riders:

Each pass down the course is recorded. As the pass is completed, the speed will appear on the scoreboards and then timing and scoring will print out an official speed slip. The speed is also recorded in our official database. This database is used as our raw results. Our raw results are an official record of:

  • Competition placement
  • Getting an official record

For those that set records in their class, your information will be recorded in our record database which will be for public bragging rights on our web site. We will also post all the results. So everybody gets to see their name in digital print. If for any reason, you would like to have your full name or speed omitted, we will be happy to accommodate you.